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Email Summary Report Of Data Dail

Hey there Bubbles,

I would like Bubble to send me an email each day with a csv file attached which is a summary of a search on a data table in the application.

Example: I am receiving registrations each day. At 1am the next day, In want bubble to send me an email with an attached CSV or MS Excel file that contains a list of all the registrations in the proceeding day. I have been playing around with a few backend workflow scenarios and using Set/Cancel Recurring event but unable to get this to work.

One of the major things that I am struggling with is when looking at the send email WF Step, and attaching the file, I have no idea where to get this file from.


Thank you in advance



A plugin is probably your best route. I haven’t tried it before, but this seems like the best CSV Plugin per reviews.

I would see if you can create a reoccurring workflow that creates the file using the plugin, then emails you the file (result of prev step).