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I have lunched a landing page where the users can put their email for subscribing to our newsletter, and I want to be able to send them an email right after they subscribed.

The thing is all the YouTube tutorials that I have watched include sign up first before sending them an email of validation with a validation link, but in my approach there’s no sign up. When I use the “send a confirmation email” it doesn’t send anything and I don’t get why, I thought that maybe it was because I didn’t use the step “sign up” first .

Moreover I’ve watched several YouTube tutorial that do this with plugins that no longer exist nowadays…

So if someone can help me with this I’d be super grateful!

Thanks and have a good day bubblers!

If I understand you correctly, you want to send an email to a totally random email address (who is not a user or anything).

You can easily do this by using the Send email action:

And here is what the button does:

I could successfully receive emails to a random email address with this set up.


Thanks mate for ur answer! I did the same as you did while searching for a solution to solve my issue, but the thing is with the “send email” I don’t have a validation link which is what I want.

Sorry if I haven’t been clear enough!

Ohh I see what you are trying to do now. You want to make sure these emails are real, right?

Then, you need to create your own validation page a little bit. It is not hard though. All you need is a link to another page and the user will click on or type something on that page after receiving that email. I wouldn’t just making the link click counts for validation, because lots of spam checkers click on links nowadays automatically.

I have modified the system a bit to support this. I now have this data type:

When, they sign up, you create a thing in this table. And send an email with a link to another page:

And in the new page, you can do anything like updating the validated flag of this email address:

And validate me button will just change the flag:

See the demo below:

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Wow, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better answer.
Thank you so much for the time that you took to give such a complete answer!

Have a great day sir, and hope to see you around again on the bubble forum!


You can mark it as a solution so other people can find eaisly.

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