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Email address confirmation

I’m trying to use the email confirmation, after signup.
The user signs up and then an email is sent, containing a link.
When user clicks on this links, he gets redirected to the page that I created for that.

My question : what happens in the db ?
I made some tests and I can’t see the difference between validated and not validated users…

I’d like to be able to set something like “email confirmed = yes” in the database when the user has confirmed his email address but I don’t know how.

Could you please help ?

Thanks !

Buenas noches, saludos.

Cuando el usuario es dirigido a la página de verificación desde el correo electrónico, que ocurre?? Que acción puede realizar?? Puede iniciar sesión? Hay algún botón?

En esa acción que pueda realizar, en el Workflow debes hacer que cambie la base de datos a cuenta validada


Hello @robertocarronmartin and thanks for answering.

As I said in my other thread, I don’t speak spanish but I think I may have understood what you mean :

You mean that when the user clicks on the email validation link, I should set the field “Is validated” to yes in my db ? Bubble does nothing, I have to do what I want here ? But how can I know which user clicked on the link ? How can he gets identified ??

Good morning, I am not good at English at all, but I will use Google Translate to try to explain the solution to you.
When a user accesses the email confirmation page, I understand that they can only do it from the link in the email itself, so you have already identified them, on that page make them log in with username and password and by clicking on the button. login, in the workflow of that button you make a change in the database, I have recorded a video that I hope will help you

Verificación de email?

Well, it’s just like a password. You don’t see their pass in the DB but users can have passwords. Or when a user is Logged in or Logged out. You don’t create separate data type fields to check whether user has signed in or not. So treat the Confirmed/Not-confirmed Email status just like the examples. Bubble has taken care of it. Hope this helps.

@gio.kakhiani you mean that if a user gets subscribed and then if he doesn’t click on the validation link that he received, then he won’t be able to log in ? I don’t have anything more to do to have it work ?

Well, sending the email confirmation email is up to you. You may skip that step altogether. However, people will be able to join your app with imaginary emails like [email protected].

And yes, you can restrict access to your platform if someone doesn’t confirm the email. You can also, let them in but restrict access to specific parts of your platform. You can do this from Privacy Settings or using conditionals, I think.

Let’s say you build a social network. And no one has access to a feed unless they sign up. You can let them see the posts after logging in but don’t allow posting if they do not confirm the email.

Did I make it clear?

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