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Password reset email issues?

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with password reset emails no longer working since a couple of days ago?

We had a couple of customers report this which I expected to be user error and the emails sat in their spam folder. They say not and when I tested it myself then I’m not getting them anymore either so it does look like a genuine issue.

Hi there @richard16,

Are you using the default send reset password action? If so, it may be a deliverability issue with Sendgrid, so I’d recommend moving them over to another provider like Postmark which has better deliverability.

I would take a look at this thread on getting started with Postmark for password reset emails: SendGrid Warning for Newbies - #31 by afterthoughtsystem

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Hi @johnny

Yes, it’s the default send reset password action that has stopped working. Not just for specific accounts but everyone, even me! So I’m pretty sure it’s not just a deliverability issue :cry:

What email provider were you testing using (e.g. hotmail, gmail)?

Did you also make sure the account exists?

It’s happening on different providers. And as I mentioned, even my own (Gmail) which obviously exists and has always worked perfectly until a couple of days ago.

Hmm… I’d file a bug report at to see if it’s a Bubble issue.

Have you checked your server logs to see if the action is running?

Thanks @johnny , yes I’d already checked the server logs and can see it was firing ok. I’m going to raise it as an issue, and thanks again for all your input :+1:

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