Embed Bubble in Squarespace?

Hi -

I’m exploring bubble for the first time. Looks like a perfect replacement for knack inside my website.

I’ve been searching the help, but so far have not figured out to make Bubble play nicely with Squarespace (like because simple place to build attractive website, blog, etc).

Options I’m wondering about

  1. Embedding - seems like simplest option, but appears Bubble doesn’t support
  2. Iframe - worries about responsiveness, security, popup windows, and general nervousness
  3. Subdomain for app - would lose old links, google-fu, and would need to rebuild html to make bubble visually match rest of site

How does everyone else handle Bubble + blog?




I’ve used the iFrame option successfully, it’s usefulness will depend on the app functionality you need in the iFrame. In SquareSpace use the </> option instead of Embed

An example of what you would put in (might be more optimal parameters depending on your app)

<embed src="https://bubble.io" width="100%" height="500px" centered="yes" scroll="yes"></embed>

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Any iframe issues to check out carefully?

Do you need your Bubble app to control or send data to your squarespace page? If not, iframe is best as mentioned above…if you do, it’s only a matter of some simple javascript + the Toolkit plugin.


Thank you - no deep interaction with Squarespace. I’ll try the iframe!

Thanks! Looks great.

Hi supernaturally, sorry but I am a typical bubble user (i.e. not an professional developer :grinning:
Can you elaborate a little more the role of the toolkit plugin in implementing an iframe for bubble in a third party website?

Thanks a lot for your support.


The toolkit allows you to run javascript code in the workflows of Bubble, among many other things. This allows you to send information between parent and child pages (i.e. communicate to child iFrame from main page or visa versa). On the page receiving instructions/data, you would have to setup event listeners inside of script tags which might trigger a function that you define using the Toolkit again…the page sending information/data would use the Toolkit plugin to run javascript in a Bubble workflow, and the receiving page’s event listener would run a command (or a Bubble workflow if your event listener triggers a Toolkit-defined function).

This may sound like complete jibberish and is probably a bit out of scope if you’re not comfortable with basic html and javascript yet, but it is easy to do without being anywhere close to a developer.

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