Emergency - switching to backup app

Please help! urgent!

I have a copy of my app saved as a backup. I deleted something in my main app and can’t get it back, so i need to use my copy app as my main one.

I changed the plan on my main app to hobby, so that it would not be linked to my domain name. But when I upgrade my copy version, and add my domain name, it says another app is already using this.

Can anyone help me? Is there anything else I need to do to make my copy app my official app, in bubble settings?
I’m freaking out if you can’t tell.


hi @emmanuel, sorry to trouble you with this, what is the best way to switch your domain name to a different app?

Thank you!

This is what the screen says:

Thank you again!

Did you delete the domain in the original app?


I did but it still wasn’t working. It’s working now, it must have needed a minute. Thank you for your help!

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