Messed up with the domain

Hi everyone,

I accidentaly put on a domain name to see what it does and I didn’t know it would apply without me buying the domain. Now I’m stuck and I can’t test my app anymore.

Thanks for your help.

I had that issue. I just cloned my app and used the clone and it worked fine.

Thanks it worked I still have a few things to fix in the copy but It’s fine thank you

Another smal question… Did you have an upgraded plan like I do I’m in personnal plan can I transfer my plan to the clone of my app ?

um… i had a free plan so im not sure. maybe talk to the people at bubble about that one im not sure

The support told me that plans were app-specific so I need to unsubscribe on my messedup app and resub on the other… But thanks god my domain just came back by himself !

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