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Emojis in Database Table - Tip from Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
Ion - one of our team members - came up with an unexpected but smart and elegant idea for naming database types in Bubble. Check it out :slight_smile:

We implemented this in one of our upcoming templates (teaser - we are about to post a Thumbtack template)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Currently making a database entirely out of Emojiis :laughing:



ha, very cool :slight_smile:

Thanks @levon. This makes it easier for the eyes to find stuff as well.

You can use it on main groups to originze different views on pages made like one-page apps.
And you can use it to organize workflows, too.


This tip also comes in handy.


A raise for Ion!


Zeroqode’s version is much better.

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Has anybody figured out how to encode these for use with the Bubble Data api?

Hace you tried unicode codes?

Haven’t spent a lot of time trying, but yeah unicode and urlencode values didn’t work on my first pass. Really just curious at this point.

@danielowega didn’t see that post :slight_smile: thanks!

I use this method with workflows too. Especially useful with Custom Workflows. I mark all Custom Workflows in the color green, and have a collection of emojis that makes it easy to sort and and recognize workflows that exist in a lot of different reusable elements.


@hikaru was the one who brought the idea of using emojis in Bubble to my attention some time back. For Mac users, he also gave me a useful link to quickly search for emojis:


I find myself to often use this website for emojis.


For those of you that don’t know. Hikaru = Beau = A lot of other accounts. He was multi-accounting to harass and bully other forum users and from time to time he shared emoji tips. He doesn’t deserse any additional credit.


Really? I had no idea, and I’m frankly surprised, as he helped me out with lots of design feedback and even ideas, with no strings attached (refused to be paid, even) on a project a few months back. Seemed like the nicest guy.

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Yeah. He helped a lot of people and then bullied in the shadows. Weird stuff.


Haha, yeah, that is pretty weird…

nice tip, Petter, thanks!

he reached out under “beau” account and seemed nice, really weird …


This is not true jon you should not slander without any evidence. He said you are upset because he ignored your message and you have had a grudge ever since.
Levon we showed our editor to your team that’s where this idea was formed from.

which idea, emojis?