Empty Filters on a Repeating Group


I have a list of products displayed in a repeating group and I want to have 2 types of filter on it:

  • an input to filter on the name
  • checkboxes to select some brands

I include in the main search for my repeating group products the 2 following constraints:
1st constraint: name contains Input’s value
2nd constraint: brand is in Selected Brands

The Selected Brands list is dynamically updated based on which checkboxes are selected.

My issue is that the list of brands is empty when the page is loading, so the main repeating group of products does not show any result when I apply the 2nd constraint. Yet it works fine with the 1st constraint (ie, when the input value is empty the constraint is not applied).

How can I make that if Selected Brands is empty then the 2nd constraint is not applied and all products are displayed (similar to the first constraint)?



The solution was to change the datasource in conditional tab and remove the constraint when the constraint is empty. Which will get hard to maintain when i will be adding more filters but works for now.

Would be awesome to have an option for constraints to apply or not when filter is empty.

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