How do you do filter with "is empty / is not empty" dynamically for a text field in a repeating group?


I have a “Email” field for companies in my database, and I’d like to have a filter for my repeating group to filter “Companies with email only” (so email not empty), “Companies without email only” (so email is empty), or “Companies with or without email (all)”.

How can I do that, as I can’t put conditions on “is empty” and “is not empty” for the field Email?

Here I can’t put a condition for “is empty” / “is not empty”.

So for the moment I’m doing this :
Depending on the value of my url parameter “Yes/No/Whatever”, I change the data source of my repeating group by intersecting it with a “Do a search for” (with for example as shown below, the list of companies without emails).

This is working, but I need to do that for many fields, and so I have to create multiple “hidden” repeating groups, and I don’t think that’s the best practice!

Thanks for your advices!

Yea I bumped into this same issue before, wish the constraint operator itself could be dynamic.


And so what is your workaround @tylerboodman ? :slight_smile:

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I had to have conditions for every combination of constraints I had

ok ok thanks @tylerboodman, so if you need to filter on 3 fields with “is empty”/“is not empty”, you have 9 conditions for the data source in your repeating group for example?

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