"Enable users to type new text" on Multidropdown, Dynamic Choices, PLEASE

I don’t know why this option disappears when switched to dynamic choices, this is really an important feature.

On the Searchbox Element, the option of “Allow Entries not in list” is available in both static and Dynamic.

This feature is really important because its useful when you want to add the “typed” value as a new thing on the fly, so when a user types a new value, you can use a “When input value has changed” Event, and use the “Typed” value to create a new thing.

Please put this on you list.

(Also the “this input should not be empty” option would be helpful too)


would be useful to me too :slight_smile:

I would like this too…for now, creating a popup for the user to “Add a Category” before they can plug it in.

still doesn’t seem to be possible…hoping for this!

+1 on this for custom data types, being able to create new things…


+1 absolutely

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up! +1 on this


I’m not sure if that would help, but there is a quick solution to achieve this.
Check out the following video, please:



BTW, do not use dropdowns for large lists.

I’ve noticed that a dropdown loads up to 5000 records.
So, if you have 1000 records in the table, the system loads all of them.

With a search box or a custom search box (using RG in a focus group), you can limit results.


@emmanuel @nick.carroll @josh

I must say I agree that this feature is an oversight.


Is this really not possible 4 years later?