How to append text?

Hi, I am trying to append the current value of the dropdown and insert it on a multi line text. What I am trying to do is type anything on the textarea then insert the value from the dropdown and append it on the current text.

Please let me know how I can do this.

bring in the dropdown as dynamic data in the initial text window.

I did that but it’s just changing the value of the textarea from the value of the dropdown. I need to type anything on the textarea then insert the value from the dropdown… Thanks

Try typing the static text you want in the text area, then click outside the text area, double click inside the text area, now click the blue dynamic data, by double clicking the text area you will unselect the plain text that you added and you will be able to append dynamic values in the text

Hi, I need the customer to type message text first on the multipleinput area then they will have an option to insert text from the dropdown to the textarea then continue typing again.

I cant think of any logic that would let you do that, I think you are going to have to use 2 text inputs and lay it out with the output of the drop down in between.

you could then simulate this as one with the 3 inputs in as a dynamic text element below in real time if this preview is important?

If it doesn’t work, try adding a second rich text element on the page and use hide/show to continue on the second element.

This is just an example of what i want to achieve

Type on the second textarea then click add new text and you can continuosly typing again and adding new text.

But in my case i want to select the static text to add from a dropdown.

I didn’t really have time to investigate more on how to append but I did this in about five minutes. Have a look and see if that’s similar to what you want.

Thanks for the effort but it didnt work wel…
The idea is the user will type their message and if they want to insert a word from the dropdown they can insert it by selecting and clicking insert then continue typing agan and so on…

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