Enabling custom domains or directories for end-users - any updates on this?

I’ve scoured the forum, and most posts relating to this are reasonably old. I know on ‘Production’ plan there is the option for sub-domains, which might have to be the path we take in the future, but as a work-around I was wondering if anyone has managed to get sub-directories set up for users.

I ask, as each of our users for our new project will have a public page, and we’d like to give them the option for www.example.com/username/userscontenthere

Wondered if anyone has found a workaround of if Bubble has made an update since those posts in '17 and '18 regarding this?

If not, this is one of those product scenario’s where Bubble = MVP, build then you might well be forced to leave Bubble to build this out as users are most likely going to want some kind of branding - which is both a good and a bad thing, a shame really.

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