Subdomains and customers own domain

Hi all

I have builded marketplace where every registered customer can create his own online store, that’s store name would be

@bubble is it possible to move on some plan where I could allow my customer set their own domain or subdomains!?

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Hi @nurzhan !
While I’m not part of the Bubble staff I think i can help you.
What you’re asking for is already a functionality present in Bubble.
(Click on the arrows below to see the images)

When you create a page that has a "type of content set":


You also have the option of choosing a field for a more readable URL, you can have a field where the user writes what he wants a path (what you call sub-domain) and there, your problem is solved


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Nice Bubbling !

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I understood that i can realize

Is there a way to realize or

I understand that shopname should be a folder with access to rewrite htacess rule right?

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Without external tools I don’t think so, but better to ask Bubble’s staff, use the report page they will reply to you in 1-2 business days and they’re very kind!

Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance :frowning:

Good luck ! :smiley:

Did you ever find this answer?

Would this app do what you want?
It apparently is a Bubble app, try testing it out and talking to the creator.

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thank you!

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