Endpoint issue with initialize

I’m trying to set up an API endpoint and the Detect Data button provides me with a link to initialize. Trouble is, when I use that link I get the following response:

{“statusCode”:405,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Wrong method. Should be a POST. Method may change when attemping to use http. Please ensure URL starts with https:// instead.”}}

The link is:

I don’t know what the error is telling me nor how to go about correcting it.

You need to use a POST request from the app that is sending to this endpoint.

I’m sure I do…but what does that MEAN?

I appreciate that you’re telling me what I need but doing so without helping me understand how to do that…

Can you post where you are using this url?
This is where you need to check! If you have control over it, you need to switch (probably actually a GET) to POST.
But without knowing where you are using this url, it’s hard to tell you what to do

Thanks…I’m creating an Endpoint. In the dialog I pressed the Detect Data button:

I took the resultant URL, copied it, and entered it into the browser’s address bar to get the error I posted above. If I’m supposed to do something else with this URL, I don’t know what that is…

In a browser, this will do a GET request. So it won’t work. DATA Api is the only one that accept a GET request. Backend WF only accept POST request.

I’m not sure what you are trying todo. So it’s hard to help.

The detect data is to send a POST request body to this endpoint and let Bubble parse the data automatically.

If you want to “play” with the endpoint, you need a tool like Postman or Insomnia to send a POST request. Browser cannot do that.


Just some background, I copied an entire page from CVS Uploader, including all the endpoints and table structures, and was able to get that working on my site. I’m attempting to recreate this with a different table but for some reason, I cannot get past this step…which was NOT an issue when I copied the endpoints from the other site. I did not have to do this step yet the data from that endpoint was available to the “Create a new…” action:

When I created my own endpoint, duplicating everything exactly except the table name, I cannot get past this step…and my data selection is empty:

I’m not trying to “play” with anything. I’m not sure what you meant by that. I am trying to make available the data to the endpoint just as it is to the page I copied.

Did you create yourself the endpoint that “is not working” and not copied from an existing one?
If yes, you need to provide the data that this endpoint will use. This is why you need to set it manually or use Detect data to be able to use the data sent to this endpoint.
If you copy an existing endpoint (from your app or somewhere else) you will not need to do that and you can also “modify types” if you want (and also edit raw data)

I created it myself, and selected the Detect Data button. The Modify types button is greyed out. I took the link from the Detect button but I have no idea how this needs to be used to identify, or initialize, the data.


So you need to send data payload to the endpoint or to switch to manual and set field your are expecting to this endpoint.

Can you provide link to the Plugin you are using (CVS Uploader) so we can have a look at how the plugin work and what you are trying to replicate

Csvcreator | Bubble Editor

I check the demo and all editor. I didn’t find anything inthis app that is Scheduling this WF. So it’s probably coming from outside. I suggest you to contact plugin author and ask what is the purpose of this endpoint and how it’s related to the plugin. I didn’t see anything in the plugin too that use this.

I know that the uploader generate a json of the import. I guess that you might push this JSON to the backend WF using API Connector.

Ok, my lack of understanding on backend workflows led me to question how to achieve what was done in the original example before I understood what it was for but I deleted the “sales” WF and everything worked so it is unnecessary.

Sorry for the goose chase, and thanks for pointing out the unneeded WF action.

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