Incoming webhook where endpoint needs to be GET not POST?

Hey everyone!

What do I need to do to setup a incoming webhook where the endpoint (callback URL) in bubble needs to be configured to GET not POST?

Can anyone list the steps on how to do so?

This is an example response I would get from them via GET


Here is API Documentation to support: I set up everything in the other system, but im not sure how to get the CallbackURL if it needs to be a GET response.


Backend workflow. Create an API Workflow, and detect request data.


Click “Detect data”

this Dialog will pop up, it gives you the link for your callback URL. This is JUST TO INITIALIZE AND SETUP YOUR RESPONSE DATA. Once your trigger successfully works, get rid of the last forward slash and initialize and you’re good to go.

Thanks for replying back @GH5T !

The issue is that they expect the API Workflow to be configured to GET not POST. And this Callback URL is accessible via POST only.

Let me know if I am misunderstanding something.


Backend WF can be set as GET
However, you will not be able to use detect data. You need to set each key yourself. Just change “Trigger workflow with” … and click on add parameters. Add each key from the documentation. all of them should be of type “text”


Thanks for clarifying, I forgot to add that part in.


@Jici @GH5T thank you both!

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@Jici For the callbackURL that I need to configure in the 3rd party system, would it be what shows up in Detect Data but without the ‘/initialize’?

Exactly. Same url without intialize

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