Enlarging the Property Editor

Is there a way to make the property editor width larger?
I am working with API calls and the parameter names can get very long and don’t fit in the default view and this actually makes working on these API’s impossible, as many parameters start with the same words.

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API parameter’s names are also something I usually struggle with.
As far as I know there’s no fix.

We should file a bug report actually, otherwise it will probably remains an unknown behaviour

What I do is to use a notepad :sweat_smile:.
After everything is ready, I copy and paste. Especially with some long javascripts that I have…

You can hover them and it will reveal the full name.

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Thanks vini_brito!
Other than making wonderful plugins that make my app possible you also help in the forums! Huge fan of satellite and orchestra.

While playing around with the API connector plugin I discovered that if you are using JSON body type and you tick the “long” checkbox, then the property editor will change look sightly and the parameter becomes more readable. Try it out.

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What browser do you use?
Seems like it won’t appear on my end.