Hey. Just added a third login options with settings to enable one and disable the rest. Can’t get it to load. Getting error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. Not sure how to fix. See the screenshot below:

What social service are you trying to implement?

What do your workflows look like on this page? You might have created a loop unintentionally that continues to reload the page?

I fixed it by simplifying some of the redirects instead of 2 if no’s, it is just 1 if yes. But I am now getting another issue…


And all i’ve seen for help is it is not, it us my browser/computer. This is not the case. I have had 5 different people try and test it. Everyone gets the same error. I use Google Chrome on Windows 10, one other person uses the same, someone tried on Internet Explorer on Windows 7, someone else tried on a Macbook, and another person tried on a chrome book and non of those worked.

@ms1 Can you share a link to the app editor so we can take a look at the workflows? :slight_smile:

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I can’t share the link as it is more of a secret project

@ms1 You can submit a bug report and our team can review confidentially

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