“Error: Cannot find module ‘jsonwebtoken’ “ with Zoom plugin

When I try to create a meeting with the Zoom plugin, I get an error message.
Until last month, it was working fine without error.

The Zoom plugins that cause this are as follows

  • Zoom API (by Adventa Technologies)
  • Zoom Meetings (by Copilot)

Has Bubble or Zoom specifications changed?

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Adventa Technologies released a new version that fixes this problem.
(1.3.0 - json web token version issue)

Hey @jansnap,

The ‘jsonwebtoken’ issue has been addressed and was a result of external factors outside of Bubble and the plugin editor. Be sure to upgrade to Versions 2.0.8 or higher of the Zoom Meetings plugin to take advantage of the solution. :slight_smile:

Heads-up: the Zoom API plugin is a clone of our own plugin. Though the author is permitted to do so under our MIT license, we don’t recommend nor endorse the Zoom API plugin.

Hi, copilot !
Thanks for your reply.
I have confirmed that the meeting can be created using version 2.0.8.
Thank you for your quick response.

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