Can't Create Zoom Access Token

Zoom Meetings plugin was working no problem until today.
Only change I did was upgrade Bubble, but reverting back didn’t fix. So maybe it’s a Zoom change breaking the plugin?

Specifically the Error is:
Plugin Action Zoom - Access Token - Create Error: TypeError context.request is not a Function

See screen shot.
Error Screen Shot 2024-03-16 160335

The workflow hasn’t changed.
Anyone else getting this problem?


Problem is probably related on the plugin not updated to last node version/plugin version. Try to reach plugin author and ask to upgrade the plugin.

Did Zoom change any access permissions to apps from their different subscription tiers? I’m wondering if this might be the issue. The original Free account we’ve been using for years doesn’t seem to show REST API access on it.

Just wondering if this was recent or even related to this problem.