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Hey @Bubble

I can’t access or even my current website that I built on my custom domain anymore. I just get this message.

I can’t access any site built by bubble any longer. Even doesn’t work for me any more.

I am on internet explorer here at work. No site works anymore for me.

This is what zeroqode looks like to me now.

Works for me :open_mouth:



We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! I am not able to reproduce the issue on my end; can you please file a bug report so that our team can investigate this?

Thanks, but I get the same message when trying to go to the bug report page. So that’s a no go. :slight_smile:

You can reach us directly by emailing - please make sure you include your OS and IE version information!

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I have one client organization receiving the exact same error. They are a corporate client locked to browsing with MS Edge on Windows 10. No other clients are receiving the error.

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I am locked into Windows 10 I believe too. I think i was using MS Internet Explorer. Can’t access any sites with it.

Thanks for submitting reports: our engineering team is currently investigating the issue!

Our engineering team has pushed a fix for this issue. @j805, @jlexer, please try accessing Bubble!

Thanks. I will test it out on Monday when I go back to work. Thanks. :+1:

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Just checked, it’s working again on internet explorer. Thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:

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