Error "There Was An Issue Retrieving The List"


I am trying to run a bulk operation on 1,000,000 lines in the database but i keep getting this error.

Any workaround?


You can try

Yeah i thought of that.

The data is already inside of Bubble though.

I’m trying to run a bulk api workflow but it keeps giving me this 'There was an issue retrieving your list" error…

I can be wrong but it’s sounds you reach limitations or the file isn’t readable (just one special character can block the process). Cutting in parts will reveal.

The file imported fine and is readable by the app OK so I don’t think that’s the issue.

I have tried to run a bulk action to update a text field within the Thing database but it results in this error.

Then, i tried to schedule an api workflow on 100k items, 50k items, and even 10k items (out of 1,000,000) and it too results in an error.

What is going to solve this? @Bubble can you please recommend a solution so that i can run this bulk action?

@JustinC There is no hard limit on number of items and it depends on the complexity of workflows. We recommend breaking into chunks and if possible, share metrics with us as our engineering team is focused on pushing improvements to support larger scale operations

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It’s not a long workflow, just 2 text field changes on the same Thing, but it’s based on a total of 1,000,000 entries .

Even when i break it and try and schedule it in 10,000 increments (which would take forever) it won’t schedule them and produces an error.

Should i send in a bug report?

@JustinC A bug report will be helpful. To eliminate capacity limitations and timeouts as a reason, if possible, also include what was the largest possible increment that completed without an error.

OK, so you want me to reduce it to 1000 (of 1,000,000) and see if it will go through?

How can i conclude that it has to do with my capacity before sending the bug report, or can i?

I do believe it simply times out and i get the error that i see in the screenshot above after about 30 to 45 seconds.

@JustinC Thanks for the additional context. We’ll take it from here and test the bug report.

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