Impossible to run bulk operation on DB

I keep getting the error “there was an issue retrieving the list. Please try again…” when trying to perform a bulk operation on 2,000 items of the database.

I set up a backend WF that runs on a DB thing that has 2,000 items. The only step of the WF is to change one field to the value 1. Also, I enabled a capacity boost (i’m on the legacy pricing), but that doesn’t help.

Any idea what I can do?


Does the DB thing have a list of 2000 items? Are you running the bulk on one item or 2000 items?

In bubble its best practice to avoid lists that have more than 100 items. I personally avoid lists when i expect them to exceed 50. It would be best to set up a link field on the items that links to the parent thing.

Bulk operations run client-side, not on Bubble’s server, so enabling a capacity boost won’t help you here.

There is a hard limit for bulk operations of 20,000 items, but you shouldn’t be hitting that either.

Given that they run server-side, I’d suggest doing what you can to ensure your machine has the power to retrieve the list (closing other browser windows / applications, restarting the machine, running the workflow on a more powerful machine if you have access to one, etc)

I logged out of Bubble and logged back in and this solved my issue! Thanks all for your answers

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