Issues with data manipulation

Hi @neerja

An explanation of the 3 bugs I raised yesterday.

What I am trying to do update around 10,000 rows on a particular table to extract some data to a field on the same table. Note this is not ALL the data on the table. It can run all night, so speed is not an issue. And the data is quite simple.

The methods I have so far tried are :

  1. Use an API workflow and a View with “Bulk”. Didn’t work as although the view works the bulk action fails when “fetching”.
  2. Use a button a page. Times out even when doing 100 updates.
  3. Kick off API workflows - this did not even trigger a single workflow as it timed out.
  4. Kick off an API workflow that then schedules API workflow. Again, did not create any workflows

I wonder if there were some other data routines running in the background (this was 9am UTC which is middle of the night NYC) .


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When importing 50 or more contacts, the browser give me a time out error but the API Workflow who’s processing the flow sounds to continue. If I refresh the browser during the waiting phase, the error never appeared. Not sure if it is the same bug.


More bugs. Ask for 1 … get 8724.

@NigelG Bulk operations on >1000 items can cause a fetching list error though we are working on removing this limitation. For any other API workflow related bugs on your app specifically, let’s continue the conversation on your bug report email threads.

@neerja the bug here is that I requested ONE row by selecting it. Then it tells me it is going to update 8724.

Which one is it ? it switches in the middle of doing to Bulk run !

Also, you cannot “Close” this dialog as the button is greyed out.

Very very buggy.

@NigelG Showing 8724 for just 1 selected entry looks like a bug, please submit a bug report

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