Error when making calculations in input fields

Hello everyone !

There follows a bug when trying to perform two simple value calculations.

Basically 3 inputs were created, being:
Input A
Input B
Input C

Input A = 1000
Input B = 10%
Input C = 1100

In this case the user can change both Input B and Input C and when changing one or the other, I need to make an account for each field, that is, find the percentage of B and or find the value of C.

For that I tested the Math.js plugin and the Instant Calculator and both made the correct account.

The problem was when the fields would be updated and for that I did the on change of each field through 2 custom states, one to inform that it is to calculate the percentage of Input B and the other for the value of Input C.

With that, I created a conditional on the two inputs and assigns the value of the Instant Calculator and this did not work 100% the bubble was lost to update the Input B or C even taking into account all conditionals.

Then to solve the problem I created a group for Input B and another for Input C and in the event of change of each one I forced a reset data in these groups!

I don’t know if I was clear, but the solution was this and I hope that Bubble can solve this, because lately we have to keep finding solutions to get around the problems.
Follow some screenshots !



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