Error when sending a email with send grid

When im trying to send a email with send grid I keep getting a error message with ‘this header value for authorization is not correct’ , can someone explain what this means please and how to fix it?

Hi @sam.linforth,

It’s a good idea to provide context for the community to understand your problem.

For example:

  • Are you using Bubble’s integration or the Send emails with SendGrid plugin?

  • If you’re using the plugin, have you configured it per its authors’ instructions?

  • Have you updated to the latest available version of the plugin?

  • What was the plugin author’s response after reaching out to them?

  • Can you reproduce the issue(s) consistently across other applications?

  • Are other Bubblers also reporting the same issue(s) as yourself?

The more information you provide, the better your chance is of getting your issue(s) addressed. :+1:

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