Send Grid not accepting my API Key since plugin was installed

Dear Bubblelys

I am not sure why but bubble is not accepting my send grid API key any suggestions on what I should do ?

I did have a successful API key attached to my bubble account but then I installed the Cobubble plug-in and it all went wrong from there. I do not have the plug in attached anymore still receiving the errors.

Advice would be much appreciated.

Hey @timgarrett111,

That pop-up looks like a Bubble error so you should reach out to them for specifics. We’d love to hear the reason why you switched away from the Send email with SendGrid plugin. :thinking:

This means that the key isn’t correct, and sending an email with that key failed. You should check it.

This error turned out to be on bubbles end!

They said they did something in the back end to fix it?

Anyways it seems to be working now! If anyone receives this error check in with Bubble first before spending hours with Send grid trying to fix it like I did.

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