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ESC/POS Printing

Has anyone here had any luck with printing to POS printers in Bubble?
It’s my understanding that you will need to use ESC/POS commands to print(or some subset)

Yep, you can use QZ for that, and then send data to QZ and QZ will control the printer. Also, a plugin can be used to make this easier.

Is the printer plugin QZ tray printer by tonyp? I can’t seem to get it to work?

Oh hi! Yeah, that’s pretty much it! The owner made it public.
There’s an instruction manual PDF in its service link. Follow it and you should be fine.

Thanks for the reply Vini,

I tried the plugin but it doesn’t work. Do we need to further install the download from before the plugin can work? It seems that is charging 499 per year for this service.

Yeah you need to follow QZ’s guide on installing it.
The plugin talks to QZ and QZ talks to the printer (: