ESC/POS Printing

Has anyone here had any luck with printing to POS printers in Bubble?
It’s my understanding that you will need to use ESC/POS commands to print(or some subset)


Yep, you can use QZ for that, and then send data to QZ and QZ will control the printer. Also, a plugin can be used to make this easier.

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Is the printer plugin QZ tray printer by tonyp? I can’t seem to get it to work?

Oh hi! Yeah, that’s pretty much it! The owner made it public.
There’s an instruction manual PDF in its service link. Follow it and you should be fine.

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Thanks for the reply Vini,

I tried the plugin but it doesn’t work. Do we need to further install the download from before the plugin can work? It seems that is charging 499 per year for this service.

Yeah you need to follow QZ’s guide on installing it.
The plugin talks to QZ and QZ talks to the printer (:

Did you find a solution here? I’m working through the same issue. I can print plain text to a receipt printer with a pdf file but that doesn’t communicate formatting… I’m thinking there would be a way if I knew html. Epson’s cloud print API could play a role too.

has anyone managed to use this? im struggling to understand the guide thats attached to the plug in, can anyone help me set it up please?

I highly recommend taking a look at JSPrintManager by Neodynamic. Free to use with no limits while testing which is AWESOME. I found it very easy to work with to interface Bubble with ESC/POS receipt printers and ZPL label printers. You control them via JavaScript! You can even control serial devices like weight scales. Check out what I built using it:

Wash-Dry-Fold POS


What alternatives did you find while you were working on this project?

QZTray is a competing product, but I found it hard to implement.

Epson and Star Micronics both have some proprietary programming stuff available specifically for their printers, but I sell POS hardware so I wanted something a bit more flexible and brand agnostic.


I found an app which we can connect to our Web application and it collects the details on that page and sends it to any Bluetooth printer. But the issue is it has to be json data which I have no idea since I never coded or even where to code on bubble lol

Wouldn’t the API Connector output JSON? Have you tried that? Give us more details about this mrzbektas.

Having this same dilema at the moment. Client want to print to receipt printer.

We are testing with a Zebra Printer
Any leads are appreciated

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How did you you implement this?

It isn’t a api connection, not 100% sure though. The explanation was, I add a html link to my page which turns into a Printer button that connects to a mobile app, it sends the data to print directly to any thermal printer you connected but it has to be in Json format. I used the print page plugin for now which is connected to my thermal printer but I have a issue where it prints a lot of empty paper which is a waste.

Do you know if we can send esc pos commands for om bubble?!

The site contains some explanation, I don’t know much about codes so I struggle with the explanations and understandings.

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I built a plugin for printnode that allows you to print remotely from bubble apps. You can use printnode to print to thermal printers automatically.


Hi @BrianHenderson , is your POS can be used offline? and the data will just sync when the internet is available?

@jabguiapal No, it’s a standard Bubble website. While a couple of things can be done locally such as kicking open the cash drawer (since that’s performed via JavaScript running in the user’s browser) the rest of it is totally dependent on an internet connection. However, since I already sell POS systems to stores, I also sell a cellular internet failover router that provides a backup internet connection automatically if the main one ever has an outage. So, I think I have my bases covered in that regard.