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StarMicronic POS printing

Hi All,
I am wondering has anyone integrate their bubble apps to Star Micronics pos printing. I’m working on a food ordering systems and would like the order to print automatically. The restaurant owner would like to use tablet, so solutions like printnode, QZ tray are not suitable as per my understanding, it needs an ‘agent’ installed on either windows/linux. I’m keen to speak to you if you have done the integration like described above.


Explore @vini_brito pdf conjure plugin

Explore using Google Cloud print

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Thanks @cmarchan . Unfortunately the google cloud print has been now discontinued.

Hey @dean1 did you end up finding a solution for this?

Hi @equibodyapp ,
Yes, i managed to borrow an Epson printer from my friend, instead of using StarMicronic. I followed Epson epos API, Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript - SDK for JavaScript - TM-Intelligent Printer - Download - POS - Epson

I use the ‘Toolbox’ plugin to run Javasript, send to API to printer. it’s quite easy to follow.

The tricky part is the printer must setup with HTTPS, with a valid SSL certificate, but for testing, you can kinda get around by following this post, here,

The post mentioned to trust the cert in Google chrome.

For long term SSL cert issue, you might want to pay and get a valid cert or follow this post to become your own CA on selected device,

Hope it helps. Let me know if you need more info.


Awesome! Thanks so much @dean1 :slight_smile:

Bookmarking this and I might message you closer to the time I’m actually building this functionality out :slight_smile: Glad to know it’s possible :smiley: