Escape the city microsite launched in Bubble with algolia for search

Hi everyone,

After a few months work I wanted to share my bubble creation.

It’s micro-site (from my main website) all built in bubble (unlike my main site).

I built it for a campaign i’m running for my startup Escape The City. The campaign is called ‘The Escape 100: The best companies to Escape to 2019’.

For context: My startup Escape The City - helps (uk) people escape their corporate jobs and do something different. We have a job board & run programmes to help people escape their jobs. We have gained 450,000 subscribers over the past 8 years or so.

The bubble micro-site allows our community to nominate interesting companies and enables progressive companies to submit their info and then allows their employees to vote for them via a simple Net promoter score voting system. Here is the link: It’s a bit like glassdoor but for progressive companies.

I launched it a few weeks ago and we’ve got 1,500 odd companies in there with 1000+ employees voting so far.

I’ve got algolia plugged in for the free text search and fast faceted search which is working really well so far.

Would love any comments and thoughts.

I would also really like to thank the bubble community. The forum has been truly awesome for when i’ve had issues. A Particular shout out to @romanmg for her epic courses and @NigelG for answering my questions!

Thank you @emmanuel @josh. As a non-technical founder i have had years of being frustrated working with developers. Now with bubble i have finally got the ability to get my ideas out into the world without having a developer water them down! A lot of people think i’m mad building it myself but I 100% think this is the future. I have become the biggest Bubble fan boy and now plan on rebuilding the rest of my site (the job board bit) in bubble.

I want to be proof that non-technical people can build scalable applications in bubble!



Co founder

Escape the City

On a mission to help 1,000,000 quit their corporate jobs and do something different. (this bit of the site is not in bubble yet!)


That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!


Congrats @dom1! We had a discussion some time ago about your project. Happy that you pursued it and manage to do it by yourself. It worth it, really impressed by the result :wink:

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Congrats, Dom! I know how hard you’ve been working on this, and I’m glad to have been able to help out along the way :slight_smile: Cheers to much success coming your way. Can’t wait to see your continued progress.


Amazing to see what you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. Well designed, great performance. Congrats!

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Hi Dom, This is a beautiful implementation. Can you explain how You did the integration with Algolia? Did you use de native Bubble integration or a plugin?

Hi Dom,

What a great Micro site. It feels quite snappy as well. Can you tell what plan you are on, or is the snappiness mainly the effect of the agolia implementation?

Hi @FJP. Thanks very much. Think that is mostly down to algolia… The site is on bubble’s professional plan. Ddomain not on cloudfare yet.

Thanks very much. The Implementation above didn’t use a plugin as none of the plugins (yet) enable facetted search. So to get the facetted search working we just used algolia’s instantsearch javascript library and some HTML elements on the page…

Got the javascript from the algolia instant search widgets docs… They all load on page load and reference HTML elements that are on the page…

It’s not the cleanest implementation and wish it was easier! Once it’s working algolia and the page is loaded… Algolia is super snappy… For facetted search and free text search … with 500+ items Algolia is a super powerful tool.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.