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ESCAPE. Have Fun. Make Memories

YES FINALLY. :heart_eyes::joy:.

Escape - Discover fun places and events you and your family can visit nearby.

At this moment it is only for desktop/web view, but I’m working quickly to get mobile ready.

Also, i need more data to make this application as useful as possible. So for the moment i only have a few suggestions that are in Phoenix, AZ.

I’m considering this launch a live ‘Beta’, because there are still some things i have to work on.

What do you think? I would appreciate any and all feedback and bug reports.

Lastly, I would like to thank the bubble team @emmanuel, and all my fellow bubblers who share their questions, findings, ideas, and more on the forum. :fist::vulcan:


Very nice looking site!

TBH, I didn’t read your post, just went right to the site. It was very straight forward and I immediately typed Phoenix - that’s where I live, after all. I’m thinking “where did he get the data for this, it’s a really nicely curated list of attractions”

Then I came back and read your post - are you in the valley? Send me a PM, there’s another bubbler here besides myself that I’m aware of who lives here.

Congratulations on the launch!

Hey @skylershelton thanks for taking the time to look at my app. Hopefully it will be something you will be using from now on especially since i will be adding alot of data from Phoenix.

Cool app dude, I like the concept and UX.

There are several places that your text groups need more height - mostly the p’s and g’s being chopped off.

Also, remove the empty space at the bottom of pages. Maybe a footer would be handy with common links.

Thanks for checking out my application @gregjohnkeegan :punch:.

Your right there are some elements that get cut off, I will get to that as soon as i fix some other bugs that i have encountered.

Also, regarding the empty space at the bottom, I still haven’t got around figuring out how to get working properly. I collapse all hidden groups when not visible, but the empty space remains. I might have to double check that all groups are collapsing when they should.

Lastly, what would you consider some handy links?

Thanks again for taking the time to view my project.

You might also want to consider a bit more info on the front page. Just so you can properly digest what you are offering. Having a few user quotes here would be great, once you get traction.

A footer with typical social links, FAQ and at some point you’re going to need some T&C’s and all that scary stuff.

Agreed. Great job on it tho, can’t wait to see what else you get done it.

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:thinking: I probably should add a little more info, to let users know what they are getting in too.

Social Links - great idea. (to allow fellow members to share the app, or their findings)

I will see when and how i will implement some of your points.

Thank you @gregjohnkeegan any and all feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you very much @proust007. I hope to have you as fellow member once we have more data in the app, especially for your city.

sounds good Eduardo !