Evaluating Bubble and have queries


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I am currently a Zoho Creator user but am facing a few limitations with the platform so would like to explore alternatives. Since I have a number of queries, I thought it would be best to summarise them in a Google Doc that can be found here.

It would be great if whoever has experience with the platform to comment on the document in order to assist me.

I like what I see so far though it will be a big change and I want to make sure that I invest my time wisely.

Apologies about the length of the document. I really appreciate your time.

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I would really appreciate a response from someone!

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Yes, you have a database that is accessible throughout your application. You can set privacy rules that allow read/write conditions to specific types of users as well.

Of course

Yes, though background processes and workflows you call on a schedule, as well as bulk data imports are available only on paid plans. You can look at the pricing and see if it’s worth exploring for you. https://bubble.io/pricing

I don’t know what this means, maybe someone else can pipe in here

I’m not sure I understand this question, as I’m not that familiar with SQL queries. Someone could probably answer better but here’s my best shot.

I think Bubble’s data architecture is non-sql, and that means you can modify the data structure itself on the fly as well as run queries through Bubble’s workflow system. I make conditionals based on data in my apps, which means the back-end runs the queries on the fly. I hope I got this right.

Welcome to Bubble, I think it does everything you’re looking for. If you need help getting started check out the Templates section to get a feel for what bubble can do, and there’s a bunch of vid on youtube to help you evaluate the platform. Cheers!

My bad I’ve just learned that Bubble is built on Postgresql database.

Thanks ever so much for your reply. I’ll study the videos and then documentation as well. I have also subscribed to the code free course on Building and AirBnB clone.

The platform certainly looks good but time will tell I guess.