Is it possible to have a dynamic output?

Hi people of Bubble!

I have been working my way through my project piece by piece and this is my next challenge and I’m looking to get some insight into whether this is possible and maybe some good resources to get started.

I’m basically building a price comparison web-app.

I currently have an input form that allows the user to enter their information which is then stored in the database.

Our suppliers provide us with flat files each week with updated prices so i need to essentially compare the users information against the price that our suppliers have provided.

I am trying to now build the pricing page which will essentially display all of the results to the user based on their input. Obviously the output will be different for each user based on their inputs.

I have provided a screenshot of a price comparison results page to show what i am trying to build at this stage.

I hope that i have provided enough detail. If you have ever used a price comparison website, thats essentially what i em building.


Very doable with Bubble :+1:t2:

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Would you have any idea where to start?

My initial idea was to create a new database which could be ‘suppliers’ and then have all of that particular suppliers information such as price etc compared against the users input.

Lets say a user inputted that their average spend is £100 per month and they would prefer a 12 month contract

Based on our supplier database we could compare that info against our supplier prices and do a calculation which would produce a saving on the users screen


The concept is big and if I would approach it from as specific a use case as possible. Very minute.

Choose a prod or svce category that sells for a specific price and that no further comparisons are needed. I mean… nowadays you can get to paralysis by analysis even when you want to purchase a bottle of water! :sweat_smile:.

With the above… build your suppliers dB each offering a price for that widget and run your comparison with your app user’s entered price (in an input element).

Build a table (in Bubble … a repeating group) that shows all suppliers that match that price.

Round 2 would be to come close to that price.

Round 3 would be to build a basic UI to reflect whatever it is that you want your user to see … so that he sees (sorry for the redundancy) the value in your app’s function. Your unique value proposition.

To do the above you would need to become familiar with basic SCRUD functionality in Bubble (search, create, read, update, delete items).

Here a video which is more like a walkthrough instead of a tutorial of how to do this in Bubble.

Best of luck on your journey! :grinning:

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