Exclude current user in a list of user

i tred to exclude current user in a list of user database in a repeating group. apparently bubble doest allow me to use <> when i select unique id is the constraint field. how do go around this?

I believe your unique id is not of type user.
Bubble does allow <> current user, so you should be able to add a constraint to your RG as follows:

right now im using user’s name <> current user as a constraint. which i think is not strong enough. any suggention? @SerPounce

Check your issue list. That is probably being flagged as an issue as you are comparing two different types in the constraint. User name is type text and current user is type user.

The good news is that the easy fix is to either:
User <> current user
Username <> current user’s username

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I suggest you to try this:
Remove the constraint. Just get the user list you need.
Once the user list is selected use :minus item current user


where whould i use this? custom state?

no. Directly in data source

it wont let me


Remove the Doesn’t contain
Change to :minus item

ahh okay thank you!!!

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