Expandable nested list or repeating group

This allows repeating groups for the same data type to be displayed as nested: showing parent and child relationship, and expandable. Require no additional plugin.

Use cases such as having tasks and sub-tasks.

Check it out: https://reordering-share.bubbleapps.io/version-test/expandable_nested_list

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The above example is not sortable. After 3 days of attempts, finally managed to make a sortable repeating group that allow nesting. I haven’t factorized it further but I think it works intuitively so far.


This is done with @gaurav 's paid plugins: Utilities for list processing and Env for passing values across nested repeating groups. They are handy plugins that are worth considering, and good documentation. Other plugins used are free.

It is relatively easy to add more nested repeating groups, I tried having 9 layers, and no issue.

Compared to other plugins, apart from workflows, the UI is all done natively on bubble, so you can show whatever we want.

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