We will pay top $$$ for someone to make this 1 page app

We are looking for a map to be integrated into our app just like this www.SalesRabbit.com where a user can view houses from a map view with clickable dots to make notes on above the houses.

Hey addison, we have a team of elite developers ready and willing to accept any challenges.

awesome lets do it

can you jump on a call?

Hey addison, please go to our on-demand page, complete the form and provide as much detail (and images) as you can provide. Like you have done on this post and we will pick this up for you ASAP.


awesome brother thanks will do

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just emailed you

I don’t want to break the fun here but I believe there is already a map plugin available with annotations. @vini_brito do you know the name?

Lol that would be amazing, I am not quite sure. i just know the company that uses it.


Leafy Maps, my free maps plugin, has it in experimental stage. I know it works and can show it, but it requires more work to fully implement it into the plugin.
I actually have a lot of stuff ready to be implemented, collecting dust in the experimental proof of concept stage :yum:

For example this is something that could be used: https://leafy-tests.bubbleapps.io/version-test/marker-hover-effect-test

It’s literally a bubble page inside the marker popup, you can do anything in there. Inputs, buttons, text, anything.
It’s triggered on hover, but could be on click or any other needed flow.

Take a look:


I also have another, experimental area interaction, these could both be matched and further improved. And other stuff can be done too. If you can think it, it’s likely it can be built :yum:



Lets chat over email addison@thehalocorporation.com

@vini_brito I love this idea, very cool… I could use it on one of my apps, let us know when its ready, I’ll jump all over it :slight_smile:

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@addison1 Hi, are you still looking and whats the budget for this project. Thank you.