Experience of ClickSend

Hey folks… Do any of you have experience of using ClickSend? I’m looking to select an email and SMS service to use with a multi user Bubble app, and would appreciate any feedback people have.

(I’ve just noticed there are two plugins for them - one that they have created, and one from Zeroqode which claims to fix problems in the former. Any experience around which plugin works best would be valuable too!).

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I use ClickSend SMS for SMS text notifications. Works great, pricing is right. Of note, inbound notifications on all their endpoints are free, which is cool.

I just use ClickSend’s SMS plugin (though it would have been trivial to configure that API call).

Jarrad / Zeroqode’s plugin doesn’t “fix” anything, it just is an insanely over-the-top implementation of all of the ClickSend API calls. Like, every single-dingle one. Does your app need them? Probably not.

However, if you want to do all the account management functions, etc., it would be a helpful solution. (If nothing else, if you want to implement your own versions of the ClickSend API calls via the API connector, you can just examine their setup in that plugin as a head start.)

Using ClickSend for email is maybe less of a no-brainer choice — note that in ranges like 5K emails/month, SendGrid seems to be a better value. (SG’s 40K email plan is $14.95/month I think? Five thousand emails via ClickSend would be ~$35 I think? There may be other reasons that one might find CS a better value than SG – it’s like phone plans, right? Gets complicated fast.)

But anyway, super-happy user of clicksend for instant notifications here.


Yes, we have used ClickSend before, and it is a good solution.

ISTR that the “ClickSend Complete” plugin was not, in fact, complete as it didn’t do email, but maybe that was fixed.

Their API is not complex, and relying on a Third Party plugin is great until something doesn’t work and you have to quickly workout what it is doing before you work out what is wrong (I don’t mean the plugin doesn’t work, but that it is returning something from the endpoint that is squirrely).


Hey @NigelG, have you ever used the ClickSend POST plugin for physical mail? Doesn’t seem to be working for me.