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[Experienced Bubble Dev Needed] Digital Health Product Buildout

Hi All,

My company is launching a mobile health application that I would like to build in Bubble. The timeframe on the project is pretty tight, and I’ll be looking to choose between a Bubble dev shop or a freelancer within the next week (by 9/23).

The role will last 2-3 months as we build an MVP, ship product to practices, pilot, and iterate. I’m looking for someone who has experience constructing data models and can implement fairly complex decision logic. While the application design and interface will be provided, you must be able to execute the front-end well (i.e. smooth, responsive interactions).

Most importantly I’m looking for someone who is an exceptional communicator, and is eager to solve problems when faced with ambiguity.

Please let me know if you’re interested, as I’m excited to meet some talented folks in the Bubble community.

All the best,

Sway Health should be the right choice for you

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Airdev seems solid, also check out BubbleWits. ( There are several on this forum, so I expect you’ll see a good response!

My company would be able to help, but it sounds like you’re wanting someone integrated to your existing team, rather than a complete outsource job.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Responding to your comment: I am talking with Airdev, and I am open to both models i.e. finding a freelancer to integrate more deeply into our process, or full outsource. My team is very capable to pulling together descriptive design and logic requirements.

If this project remains interesting to you, I’d like to chat.

Thanks for the advice Pat!

Thanks for the recommendations, Andrew! @kevin1 we’ve received your inquiry and I’ve just replied to you.


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If your app will be collecting patient data and transmitting it, have you taken HIPAA compliance into consideration? You’ll need a developer able to apply encryption standards as well as having other necessary safeguards in place.