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Expert Input Needed On Multiple "Views" on Same Screen

I’m wondering how someone is supposed to set this up in Bubble…

Here is an example of a car sharing application where the ‘My Bookings’ screen contains both bookings as a Driver or Passenger with a selector at the top of the page to switch views. Each user can either be a Driver or Passenger within this example car sharing/car pooling app.

How does one seperate Booking Requests and Reservations based on whether or not they are a DRIVER (the one who posted the drive on the car sharing website…) or a passenger (the one who booked with the Driver)?

You could use groups for this. Basically, you would have 2 mega groups on the page, one contains everything for the drivers, one contains everything for the passenger. When you click “As a Driver,” you hide the group for passenger and show the group for driver, then vice versa.

That’s the easy part. But what about the back end? Are these two different data sets?

Or do I assign a status or something to the single data entry determining who’s the ‘rider’ and who’s the ‘driver’ ?

I’d probably put everything in one trip entry, then just display the fields relevant to each user. I think it could get messy if the trip was split up into two different data entries. I’m sure there are other ways of doing it, but I’m doing something similar for student and teacher views of a homework assignment