Help with selecting items to email

Dear Bubblers,

I’ve got myself in a muddle. Can someone suggest the best way to send a selected list of ‘Things’ by email to a client? For example, I have a RG of property listings, with a Select icon on each (create custom state when clicked), I then want to send the email to only those selected.

I’m getting red errors, probably because of a conflict in data types. I want the email popup to be populated with both the property listing data and the client contact details.

Thank for any help…

You can schedule a list of a thing to send the emails

Thanks Johnny, could you elaborate? Do you mean via Workflow?

Yes, so what you can do is this:

Ah ok, gotchya, that’s next on my list to study for another use case :slight_smile: So to send multiple emails at once that’s my tool? Nothing else?

So you gotta setup a API workflow in your Backend Workflows section, and then yes, you can run that action on the API workflow for your emails. Let me know if you need a better example

That should be fine, many thx.