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Hello everyone,

I´m trying to find the best solution so that I can let the users export their invoices in an Excel or CSV format but the problem that I´ve found is that the invoices table contains data from connected tables such as customers, invoice_lines, …

I´ve been looking all the forum articles but I´ve not found anything I can work with.

I was thinking about different approaches:

  • Trying to do it via Parabola or Integromat + sending the data to Mysql, then join the tables and create something or somehow that returns the CSV or Excel.
  • Via Parabola or Integromat joining the tables right there and exporting it to CSV and sending that via email to the user.
  • Via a plugin or custom code right inside Bubble.

I´ve tried the plugins inside Bubble but they don´t work pretty well for this case scenario.

I´m not code savvy so if anyone can suggest the best approach let me know please. I´m super lost in this one.

Thanks a lot and have a good day to all :slight_smile:

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I recently setup the plugin by AirDev ‘Download CSV from Repeating Group’ to help with this.

It seems to work great for 1 to a couple hundred items so far, but I haven’t tested it if you have thousands of rows to download.

But what I love is you can put any data and fields into the CSV, such as “Invoices’s Creator’s Company Name”, etc. To do this I create a second repeating group on the page, make it really small, and hide it behind other elements so that I can fully customize the CSV that gets downloaded. Then using the Plugin workflow I reference this repeating group to download. It takes a little playing around but so far has worked great for me

Example of this group that I download the info from, there is usually another group overtop of this so it is not visible to the user:

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Nice idea!

I also want to implement it, but do you know a way to export every data type in a quick way. Working with the text elements would take to long for me.
I have 8 nested data types which contain together more than 800 data fields…
Already thanks for the solution above.

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Thanks for that!

Can you explain a bit more how do you accomplish that?

I mean you have 1 RG and then the connected RG, how do you tell the plugin to download the two tables data?


The plugin just downloads all textfields in each row of a specified RG. But because you’re working with a RG (lets say it has data type ‘customer’), you can have the text field Customer’s Company’s name. So, for every data field you want to download, you have to make a text field in an RG. After that you can make a workflow with the plugin, where the plugin downloads all the textfields (so datafields) you specified. The process to setup the plugin is listed on the pluginpage.

Thanks for the clarification.

I did what you said but it does not retrieve all the text fields inside the RG. Just some of them.

Is there anything you kept in mind to do it?

Thanks a lot.

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Could you provide some screenshot and what the output is?

This week is pretty crazy for me, should have time to put more of a demo of it together this weekend

Thanks a lot @gf_wolfer

Have a nice day.

could you describe as step by step teatching how can I setup this resource from the begin?
I get do that, but all of colunms appears in a unique cell in the CSV, separeted by “,”. It’ll not work for my needs.
thanks a lot!

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If it’s getting all the data in the CSV but just not formatted properly it is likely the program you are opening the CSV file with that is not reading it correctly. Can you try opening it in a different program like Google Sheets, Excel, etc?

I know I have had some of my own SAAS customers experience this issue before as I think a CSV file is just Comma Separated Values exactly as you are seeing and it is up to the program to ‘parse’ the commas and show it in a readable format

You’re right @gf_wolfer,
Once I open in an Excel sheet it must be setup to show the data separated by columns.
Thanks for your help!

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There is no such a problem if the csv file is open with open/libre office.

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Thanks for this tip!!

Hi, is this plugin still maintained by #AirDev ? I am having data caching issues when users change the datasource of the repeating group, but I could not find an answer (see my other post here [Free Plugin] Download Text within RepeatingGroup to CSV - #30 by stefanof).

Have you ever needed to “refresh” the plugin data ? In the plugin editor’s page they say there is an action to “reset CSV” but I could not find it available in the workflows. Anybody can help ?

Excellent plugin. I’m wondering how to make it work and export only filtered items from dropdown’s value. The CSV file keeps bringing all results. Any work around?

This doesn’t work

same here, all the free csv download plugins don’t seem to work. is it because of bubble updates?

This new plugin is great as it gives you custom control on what columns you want to export and also allow you to use relational data.

Demo for it is here