Parabola vs Integromat with Bubble


Just wondering how people felt about using either one of:

  • Parabola.

  • Integromat.

What’s your choice?

Personally, Integromat! But I know a lot of people using Parabola here.
I will always say is: that depend of what you want todo!

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Yeah, this.

They do different things.

Take a 7000 line Google Sheet and match up with an ID in a Bubble table to add/update/delete rows to sync them. Parabola.

Wrap an API call to handle error codes elegantly. Integromat.

So it is really … Integromat or Zapier + Parabola.

But there are some edges cases that you need both.


Thanks @Jici,

Second that. Sometimes I feel more comfortable with one or the other.

I’ve experienced some issues with Integromat in the early days though.

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Hey @Jici and @NigelG,

What do you guys think about doing this in Integromat? I want to create duplicate invoices with each invoice lines several times incrementing the date of the invoice by a month or two depending on an input field. It could be a 3 or 24 times duplication based on a value set by the user.

Do you think it would be possible with Integromat or Parabola? I´ve tried right in Integromat but I just can get as far as get the data from Bubble.

Thanks a lot.

And why not doing this directly in Bubble?

I´ve tried doing it in Bubble but it maxes out the capacity everytime.

How did you do? If you put enough time between each step,it shouldn’t happen

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Yeah that´s the thing, I did current date and I´ve tried with current date + 10 seconds and still the same issue.

I was thinking that maybe in Parabola or Integromat this operation will be faster and also I would leave the Bubble server without maxing out capacity.

Do you have any other solution that could work?

Did you set a loop or schedule on a list?

I don’t know for Parabola, but With integromat you will need to use Repeater in “Tools”

You could create a backend workflow for your invoices and required workflows. A timeout problem could be avoided. Maybe it helps.

I´ve set a loop.

Wow I´ve tried in Integromat to use the Repeater but no clue man :frowning:.

It´s actually a backend workflow that does the job but it maxes out anyway.

Can you share screenshot of your settings in both Bubble in Integromat?
In Bubble with a loop, you should not reach more than 20-30% of capacity.

Sure, here it is:

About Integromat, I´ve just done this:

I don´t even know how to configure the Integromat Repeater and I´ve been trying and looking for documentation for hours.

What do you think @Jici ?

you could create two backend workflows which do the same thing. 1. check is the number of duplicates is equal to the number of desired duplicates 2. If no create one more duplicate 3. change the duplicate’s number and the parameter of the workflow (e.x. +1) 4. trigger the other workflow

So I’m pretty sure that what take a lot of capacity in your Bubble WF is the Copy a list of thing + make change to a list of thing. Instead, you should create a loop to copy it one by one, just like the repeater in Integromat will do.
The repeater will just run what you have after it the number of time you provide. Not sure what data contain the Search data thing, but if this contain # of time to run (3 to 24) just dynamically put this into the repeater. Then let initial value to 1. This will increase for each step. So you cna use this number to calculate the next month date. So after the repeater you will probably have Create a thing in Bubble. This will repeat the number of time set in Repeater

Wow, don´t even know where to start with what you mean about creating a loop one by one. I´ll read it again so I can understand.

Th like @Leon said.
You create a backend wf that will Create a thing (and update it if needed like you currently do) and update the item that trigger the WF. You will check if this item have run on all element to create, if not, run it again (schedule the same WF at the end).

It’s a little bit hard to tell you exactly what to do because we don’t know your current setting.

But imagine this case
I want to create an invoice for each month. User subscribe for 12 months. So I will
Create a subscribe item that will contain information about the subscription length (12) and invoice created (0). Right after I will trigger a Backend WF (I will name it invoice creation) on the created Subscribe item.
In this backend WF I will :
A) Create a new invoice, date = current date +month subscrition’s invoice created (that will be 0, so this will be current month)
B) Update subscription, invoice created = invoice created + 1
C) Schedule The same WF that is current running (invoice creation) only when: subscription invoice created < subscription length (I will schedule it to run 5 sec later)


So you mean that instead of copying a list of compras like the image below, “create a new thing” and set the values such as the master invoice (the one that is going to be copied).

But there is one thing to consider, the first newly copied invoice should have the previous invoice date + 1,2 or whatever the user selected.

Also, thank you so much @Jici and @Leon for your time.

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