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Exporting database to external Postgres database


Goal: Pull my Bubble Database to an external Postgres database.

I’ve successfully replicated the MySQL example.


  1. What is the host name/IP address for my bubble database?
  2. Is the user and password the same user and password I use to login to Bubble?

@emmanuel, we’re trying to pull our Bubble DB into an external Postgres Database so that we can better visualize table relationships, manipulate the data, etc.

Where can we find the host name/IP address of our Bubble DB? And, is the user/pw the same as our Bubble account?


We cannot provide access to the database for users on the main cluster. That’s something we can talk about if you’re on a dedicated cluster. In that case, what we could do is grant a read-only access.

One thing you should keep in mind is that data is stored in a proprietary way, so it may not look pretty. Another option is to use the GET API to get the data out, and then it’ll come in a prettier way.


Thanks. GTK. We’ve been periodically manually porting the tables to postgres and globally running queries against the data as a way to validate that we’re entering the right data in the intended column. Did notice “export” retains the original column name; we’ve renamed a few columns. No big deal.

@emmanuel -

Revisiting this topic now that we’re on a dedicated plan. Got the mysql example Josh posted to work.

Now for our own setup…

  1. Is the IP address just my IP address for my app?
  2. Is the user and password the same user and password I use to login to Bubble?

Can I use my Bubble database’s data via GET request and send it to Sendgrid to send dynamic newsletters?

Any update for the last 4 years on this topic ?