Ext. Vertical Scrolling with bottom spinning loader

Hi guys,

is there any way to add a loader on the bottom of a Ext. Vertical Scrolling, that appear each time it’s loading something new? It’s very important to give this kind of visual feedback to the users using the vertical scroll.

Hope there is a solution.


Hi @lorenzo
I am struggling with the same.Did you figure out a workaround?

Have you tried using the “is loading” condition?

What I would do is draw a group directly underneath the repeating group that is visible when the “is loading” condition is met. Inside of that group, have some sort of icon/text that indicates loading.

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I use the loading for initially loading the list. That’s a good idea for having it at the bottom as well.

Also, I noticed that it only loads one thing at a time when I use the ext. vertical scrolling. Is it the same case with you?

How man rows do you have in the initial repeating group? I haven’t looked into the exact mechanics, but I think the ext. vertical scrolling loads (adds) the same fixed number of cells each time.

Thanks, Dan you’re a Genius.

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