How to show loading icon and No more results found message

when user scroll the page, repeating group is load automatically if i set to repeating group ext vertical scrolling.

i wanna show to user loading icon when user scroll the page
and No more results found message when repeating group has not result .

like bubble Forum’s repeating group.

Does anybody know how to to make it realized?

i tried that set conditional “repeating group is loading”
but it is not show up loading icon when user scroll the page.

hi, yes.

you can add an icon- the spinner icon to the page and when you click on it select conditional and add the conditional: make it only visible if repeating group loading = yes.

and then you can have a group that is saying no more results found that is not visible on load but only visible when “repeating group Xs list of things first item is empty”

here is what I do using animations Tiplister

thanks for reply

maybe, it is not what i mean.

repeating group has some items.

when repeating group has no more items to show,
i wanna show to user “No more results found” message.

@yuta Create the button/text or whatever visual element that you want and make it hidden on page load. Set a condition on that element

When Do a Search for X’s count is Repeating Group Y’s List of X’c count - This element is visible [checked]

Bubble tips and tutorials

thanks for reply @sharma.himanshu0608

it is not worked.

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