Ext. Vertical Scrolling

I’m seeing a huge difference in load time between Ext. Vertical Scrolling and Vertical Scrolling. Are there any tricks that I can do to improve Ext. Vertical Scrolling load time?

Also, is there a way to do caching or is that done automatically?

Any ideas?

Here is the issue that I’m seeing.

  • Ext. Vertical Scrolling is loading very slow and user has to wait for items to load.
  • Vertical scrolling is faster but not ideal for my use
  • Using full list :until items and states is slow too and freezes the browser
  • Using fixed number of cells and button to load more is very fast but my issue with it is that it loads x number instead of loading +x number below.

Is there any way to set up fixed number of cells and to load it as more items below and include the previous loaded items? Fixed number of cells seems to be so much faster than the other options.

How many items are you loading by default for Ext. Vertical Scroll?

Fixed number is going to be fixed always. You can’t have it “unfix” itself unfortunately. The reason it’s so fast is because you’re only loading a certain number, and my assumption is you have it fixed to a relatively low number… but try and fix your list to hundreds of rows and you’ll see it slow down.

What you’re describing is Full List :until item # and using states to keep track of how many to display. The performance thing though will largely be due to how many you’re initially displaying and how many more you’re adding to the list each time.

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@romanmg I tried loading from 1 to 10 by default. 1 is fast initially but have to wait when scrolling down. 10 is slow initially and also have to wait when scrolling down. When using states I tried also many variations from 1 to 10 but states seem to freeze the browser for me. For fixed I use 5 and its really fast, much faster than if I use 5 for other options.

I bought the linkedin clone template and i’m working on a feed similar to this one https://linkedinclone.bubbleapps.io/feed it loads alot of data but I think there should be a way to optimize it so its user friendly and performs better. But my issue with Ext. Vertical scrolling is not just with this feed page, overall i’m noticing even on simple pages that I always have to wait for it to load.

Hm, 10 items really shouldn’t take long. What does your search look like? Does it have a bunch of filters? Also, maybe you can share a link to your test page?

Sent you the link directly. Biggest issue is the scrolling down. Initial load is not bad but scrolling down is the issue for me.

@romanmg Search consists of 3 searches merged together then sorted by creation date.

Could it be its because I’m on a personal plan and I need to be on the professional plan?

Hoping you might be able to flesh out this explanation for me. I’m building a simple search using the Bubble GIPHY plugin. I’m populating a repeating group with search results and, in the interest of performance, want to make it so that the list count updates dynamically when a user scrolls to the final cell. I’m struggling with how to implement this. I’ve looked at Zeroqode’s scroll detecting plugin, but it seems it doesn’t work in reusable elements. Is there another way? Hoping you can give me some pointers. Thank you!