External database recommendation

What external database would you recommend?

Xano and Supabase are populair here at the moment. I’m using Anvil.works for a client. For data processing etc. very powerful (full Python3 enviroment available as a backend + the option to install packages) but there is a limit on the number of data table rows unfortunately.

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I would recommend Xano but would first ask why.

If you have a compelling reason, I’d be happy to give you a discount code!

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What is the requirement driving this solution?

Thank you for all your answers! I am just asking a question in general. Gathering ideas that maybe used for the future. In addition, I think using a separate DB would really depend on someone’s use case. Also, Bubble.io for sure will further improve when it comes to database making it All-in-one tool.

Ummm. Ok.

Twitters got a healthy atmosphere for asking questions like this, ya know :slight_smile:
Check it out!