Extract some data from a list and add to a database

Hi there,
I’m stuck with a problem that doesn’t seem so hard, so I’m probably missing something…
I’m getting data from google calendar, in a form of a list of event (later called event_list).
I’d like to process that list to store some of the fields in a database.

The fact is that the event_list I receive has a different structure as my event_db database. Lets say my event_db only has a limited number of the fields I receive.

How can I process the event_list I receive to store some of the event fields to my event_db database?
(I’ve read tutorials about scheduling workflows on a list) but it assumes that both the input list and workflow thing are of the same kind. Here mine are different.

Thanks for your help

You should be able to create a recursive backend workflow or a backend workflow on a list and it shouldn’t require the input list to be the same type as the data type you are saving to in your database. The real importance is that the fields are of the same type, so you could save a date field from the list taken from the google calendar and try to save it in your database as a field of a different type without first performing some kind of formatting…because a date can be formatted to be a text or a number value and so you could in theory save it to a field that is of type text or number.

Thanks. Ok, I’ll keep digging with the backend workflow…