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Extracting inputs from repeating group into a list attribute of a database table

What I want to do seems pretty simple and seems like a common use case. I have a settings page with a repeating group, with each group containing an input field. I want to extract all of the repeating inputs from this repeating group into a list column in a database table.

If this is not possible, does this mean I have to forego the repeating group and/or extract individual inputs one at a time?


Look up these plugins either “Env Variables” and/or “If-then-else” (part of utilities bdk) in the forum.

I’m sure there are plenty of posts to help you solve your use case.

Good luck :blush:

Figured out an approach. The built-in Bubble solution would be to create a state for each repeating group that represents the input field. The input field initial value would take the default value of the state and whenever the input field changes, a workflow changes the state. Then each state can be extracted into the database from a page-level workflow.

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