Retrieving the text from a repeating group input

Hi have a type called DECISIONS.
Within this type is a field called CRITERIA of type text, as a list.
I created a repeating group of type text and source is from DB (I’ve also tried this with a custom element).
In that repeating group is a text field, populated with current cell.
When I run / preview the app, the repeating group fills nicely with the Criteria list.
I modify a few rows in information.
NOW … how do I extract that information. Ideally, I’d like to update a custom element as I don’t want the DB to change at this point. But I can’t get either a custom element or the DB to reflect the change. When I create a button (outside the repeating group), what do I access that can allow me to update the Decision Criteria List?
When I do this with just a regular input multiline field, in a Save flow I simple access the input value with the input field name value. There must be something I’m not understanding about getting the values from a repeating group list. Thanks in advance for the help. Any videos out there to explain this?

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Screenshots and dB model would help greatly for folks here (starting with me of course) to provide suggestions

If you mean to select a subset of criteria by extraction, then you can create a page custom state that holds a list of criterion and you can add a criteria to this custom state. Then, you can do whatever you want with this list. You can save it to DB, remove them, add them to a user etc.

For example, this repeating group shows a list of criterion from a decision:

And this repeating group show the list of criterion in the page state. In this picture, retrieve-rg is the name of the page. But you can set custom state to anything on the page.

And that button in the first repeating group is getting the current cell’s criterion and adding to the page custom state list of criterion.

Here is how it looks like when I preview it:

And here is my data structure:

Thanks Hergin, looks like you spent some time on this. Sorry, I used “Extraction” but didn’t mean it that way. I’ll put in some screen shots later tonight. I just have a list of things (criteria) that is in a repeating input group. I want to allow the user to edit these, and when they are finished they can click a single save button outside the RG (or an exit without saving) and the fields would then update the database (or not). I’ll also want them to be able to add a row so they can add more criteria. I think this might be some basic newbie stuff, but I’m very green with bubble.

In this case, I would suggest you look at the solution 2 of this answer. It is exactly doing what you asked. Saving things in a custom state and updating another thing only with a button click.

Thanks Hergin. Yes this is what I am looking to do, but with one caveat. Is there a way to achieve what you have, but instead of the repeating button, have a single button outside of the repeating group that will update the DB (or custom state). I’m trying to avoid the user having to click each time they enter/modify a row. [think of this as in input form, that displays what they previously entered, and now they want to change, add, modify those entries, but while the kind of entries are the same (criterian), the number of entries is variable … thus the need for repeating group]

I had a similar problem, which I solved using a free plugin called “Orchestra”.
You can modify the entries for each item without changing the database, when you want to save the changes just press “Save” and the musicians do the work.
Hope this helps.



Thanks Guerradanilo, This looks like it will do the trick. I figured I was just doing something wrong, and tried just about every combination. I’ll check out the plugin. Thanks.